What is Confucius-Exchange Program?

Confucius-Exchange is an international internship program that combines :

an international working experience in Asia

an internship training package facilitating cross-cultural and linguistic integration in the destination country

an experience of total social and cultural immersion in the country

a legal framework to live and work in a foreign country and acquire a valid internship Visa

The internship programs are developed in partnership with leading international exchange bodies in the destination countries. Those bodies are responsible for :

selecting foreign student talent to fill job placements with companies in need of international recruits, and

to train the students in how to live and work in the country

In China, Confucius-Exchange has internationals partners with the China education center. It also works closely with key universities that coordinate the Chinese international exchange program, the Internship Exchange with China Program.

How can I apply for a Confucius-Exchange?

Students worldwide are eligible to apply for Confucius-Exchange Internship Program, with the exception of candidates from the destination countries.

In this case, a Chinese national is not eligible to apply for a China Internship Program. They may, however, Applying for a Confucius-Exchange is free. If your application is successful, you’ll be offered one or more internship placements in the country, or countries, of your choice.

Once you have been offered a placement you have 15 days to confirm your acceptance of the offer.

When you accept the offer, Confucius-Exchange finalizes the organization of the internship, training and living arrangements. You will then receive all the documents you need to get your valid Visa and airline ticket ready for departure.

How much does it cost?

Applying for an offer is free. Accepting your offer and receiving everything you need to go abroad to intern, including internship training and living arrangements, costs 990€.

This fee covers the processes of finding and organizing your internship placement, plus the preparation of all official documents required by law to validate your internship program.

It also covers any costs associated with formalizing your internship with your current educational institution so you can claim credit for your internship placement.

Each program also has a monthly fee which covers your tuition, living arrangements, mentoring and 24/7 support. Fees are relative. You can see the exact figure for each program here : http://www.confucius-exchange.com/university.php

What criteria Confucius-Exchange base their decision to grant an internship program placement?

Confucius-Exchange is looking for talented and ambitious students with a desire to construct serious careers.

We are looking for candidates who wish to live and work internationally to learn all about what it is to adapt and integrate into an unknown culture, socially, culturally and professionally.

Offers are given to candidates who fulfill the requirements of the internship position. In all cases, the candidate should demonstrate an aptitude and willingness to undertake a challenge and perform with excellence work tasks within an international environment and with the goal of fulfilling international business objectives of the host company.

Internship program offers are limited in numbers. Selection will also be based on a first-in-first-serve, in the case where two candidates demonstrate equal merit for the position.

Is there a deadline for applications?

No. It is advisable, however, to apply as soon as possible. Placements are offered on a first-in-first-serve basis. If 2 candidates apply with exactly the same profile and both fulfilling the job requirements, the first applicant will receive the placement offer. Places are limited.

What happens if there is a problem with my company?

You’ll have a Confucius-Exchange mentor on the ground to assist you with any issues. Your mentor is there to assist you 24/7.

What about internship Visa for China?

You will get a Visa X2 or X1, which allow our students to do a legal internship.

Since the change in the regulation of foreign visa from 1 July 2013, the government requires the original university admissions letters. We will send you by post the original from the university.

I don’t know any Chinese, can I still apply?

Yes, of course! More than half of our participants are absolute beginners. Our Chinese learning program are open to students of all levels — beginner to advanced — and there is no previous knowledge required. Our programs are a perfect opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese as quickly as possible conduct with professional internship.

What is a CV/Resume, what should this include and who shall I address my cover letter to?

A: Please complete our sample CV/Resume. Confucius-Exchange handles your application and mediates between you and our internship host companies, to make sure the right person goes to the best fitting company, so please feel free to firstly address the application documents to Confucius-Exchange

How early should I register?

Generally the earlier the better, but as a rule of thumb, it is best to apply up to 6 months before you plan to arrive in China. Of course we can also arrange programs at very short notice, but to make sure a full range of internship companies are available and to leave plenty of time to book a cheap flight and arrange your visa, we recommend a few months to get everything organized. If you are unsure whether you have enough time to apply for one of our programs, please contact us.

How to apply for my visa?

Once we have completed your program booking, we will give you detailed instructions for the Chinese visa application process. This process is surprisingly simple and requires you to fill in one form and to provide documentation which we will send to you, along with a passport sized photo. For more details on the visa application process, please visit http://www.visaforchina.org/PAR_FR/

What industries do you offer internships in?

A: We offer internships in almost any industry you can imagine. Our internships are sorted by industry, which you will see on our Internships Page.

Is it safe to do a home stay through Intern China?

Yes. We personally check every apartment and get to know them before placing interns there. We have offices in Chongqing, Wuhan and Chengdu and can assist with any problems or difficulties you have with your family. We have arranged hundreds of home stays over the years and have never experienced a serious problem.

I am a Muslim, is that a problem?

Don’t worry. They are a lot of Muslim restaurant in China who are halal and vegetarian. Please specify this in your application and we can send you different address of Muslim restaurant In China.

Is medical and accidental insurance required?

Yes. Please make sure that you book suitable travel insurance which is valid for China before you set off.

Are there any big cultural differences I should be aware of?

Of course there are going to be some cultural differences; that is what makes travelling and international internships such interesting experiences! There are a couple of things you should be aware of, but nothing major that you should worry about:

Tap water in China is not pure enough to drink and so it should either be boiled first or you should drink bottled water which is readily available and cheap to purchase. The chance to speak English is still rare for most Chinese, and so locals will often take the opportunity to talk English with you as a foreigner; it is a great chance to gain insights into Chinese culture and make new friends! Traffic is bustling in China, and much less organized than in the West, so pay particular attention to road markings and make use of official crossings. For more general information, check out the following.