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British Chamber of Commerce

British Chamber of Commerce

China, Chongqing

The BCCSWC exists to promote and support trade between Britain and Southwest China. This is achieved by supporting and representing the interests of our members. - Started in 1997 in Southwest China, and over 150 years worldwide - International British platform which supports over 150,00 member businesses from around the world - A member-based, not-for-profit organisation that is sustained solely by membership fee and sponsorship - Over 150 members in the Southwest including Fortune 500 companies, MNCs, SMEs and startups - Receives excellent support from local municipal and provincial


British Chamber of Commerce

Assistant Marketing

Deadline (March) : 2014-05-04

Contract : Internship

Begining internship (March) : 2014-04-03

Major : Marketing

Deadline (April) : 2014-03-10

Period : 12 weeks

Begining internship (April) : 2014-04-15

City : Chongqing

Wage : 1500 元/month

Company : British Chamber of Commerce

Number of positions : 2

Assistant Marketing

Description :

1. Expertise of the application by partners

2. Acceptence or reason of rejection

3. Introduction of assignments business company


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