Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Definitions.

The company, Confucius-exchange is a training organization registered under the business number 798 858 684, with its head office in France, Europe.

Confucius-Exchange develops and makes available a range of international education exchane programs with the goal of promoting dialogue between cultures and facilitating the professional integration of the international students into the global economy and business community.

Confucius-Exchange offers an online administrative service (hereunder referred to as the “service) which recommends selected international organization and universities to international students seeking to study abroad or complete a professional internship in China. These organization are responsible for welcoming international students locally and, providing them with educational and internship placements and logistical support.

Confucius-Exchange does not sell the service to professionals or resellers.

Here within, the term “student” designates a physical person of legal adult age who emits an order though Confucius-Exchange’s online service. The tem of “service” designates administrative service commercialized by Confucius-Exchange which consist of helping international students to find a study and internship program in China, plus to get all the necessary information concerning his/her registration with the organization and university.

The student acknowledges having read and agreed to the following conditions of service before engaging the commercial services herein defined. The student also acknowledges that engaging the online commercial services of Confucius-Exchange regulated by the condition of service here within documented does not require a written signature on his or her behalf or that of Confucius-Exchange. In engaging the online commercial services of Confucius-Exchange, the student acknowledges her or she has read and agreed to the conditions of service herein outlined.

2. Student capacity – Professional use

The student is presumed to be a consumer. Placing an order, she or he recognizes having the full legal capacity to acknowledge and agree to the present condition of service here within started. The student declares having the capacity to conclude the actual contract, or which the general terms are presented hereunder, and be of legal age to do so and, not being under guardianship or legal guardianship.

3. Applicable law online commerce

The applicable laws and regulations governing online commerce and the conditions and terms here within stipulated are those of the state of France. The services commercialized are in compliance with the regulations and laws of France.

4. Registration of the order and registration tees with Confucius-Exchange

Starting with the agreement click, the order is considered irrevocable and can only be put into question under the limited circumstances mentioned hereunder. The student has two (2) week withdrawal period starting from the day of the initial order to cancel his order thought Confucius-Exchange. In any case, the sale of service will be considered definitive only after the student has sent the confirmation of order to Confucius-Exchange and the reception of the registration fees has been made.

5. Confirmation of the order

Once the student registers their acceptance of an offer and made their payment. Confucius-Exchange will send the student a confirmation email. By archiving his email and/or printing a copy of it the student will have proof of his order with Confucius-Exchange. Note: this email confirms that the student has placed an order with Confucius-Exchange and does not guarantee that the service ordered is available. In the event that the order can not be filled by Confucius-Exchange, contact will be made with the student to arrange an alternative service in accordance with the student’s needs, or a refund in full of the 1250€.

6. Receiving internship offers

The student is required to pay the administrative fee to confirms their acceptance of an offer of service, after which Confucius-Exchange will open a candidate file, within a delay of 15 days (maximum) after the date of notification that an offer is made.

7. Fees, payment and invoices

The registration fees are indicated in euro. Online payments are made via PayPal secure payments using credit card. Alternative payment methods can be used, with the prior agreement of Confucius-Exchange including money transfers or bank checks.

8. Administrative services, support and/or back office

With the payment, Confucius-Exchange guarantees :

- A back office administrative service and support to the student allowing him or her to enrol the full services provided by the training organization or university and, to ensure that that organization takes full responsibility for him or her for the service it provides. The student acknowledges that he or she must read and agree to the contractual terms and conditions provided by foreign training organization and university. The student also agrees to manage his or her own transport to the destination, including the acquisition of legal and relevant visa.

9. Transport

The service provided does not include any offer in relation to transportation. The student is responsible for ensuring he or she has legal and relevant travel tickets, visa and other relevant travel documentation in conformity with the law. If the student is far away, more than 80 minutes between his or her accommodation and the place of training, Confucius-Exchange provides a new house just near internship.

10. Insurance in the host country

The service does not include any insurance in relation to transportation, cancelation, sanitary or civil liability. The student is responsible for acquiring his or her insurance related to his or her trip, including medical, sanitary and civil liability cover.

11. Responsibility of the student

The student is responsible for ensuring all reservations with and payments to the training organization or university to allow that organization to guarantee its service and to receive the student in the country of destination before their departure.

12. Required information

All information requested by Confucius-Exchange from the student is required to complete the application and administrative process of Confucius-Exchange and its communication with the selected training organization and universities. The student is free to request access to all the information collected. Te student is free to modify or correct the information he or she provides at any time. The student may also request Confucius-Exchange by electronic email not to share the information they have provides with any third party.

13. Exceptional circumstances

Confucius-Exchange is not responsible for failing to provide its services in the event of unforeseen or exceptional circumstance, including though not limited to, natural disasters, fires, internal or external labor disputes, internet connection failures, and other general events which prevent Confucius-Exchange from fulfilling an order placed by a student.

14. Liability

As a provider of online administrative services, Confucius-Exchange will take all care in accordance with due professional diligence to ensure effective delivery of the services herein outlined. The student also agrees to provides Confucius-Exchange with all the information required to allow Confucius-Exchange to complete the administrative processes internally with partners; the universities. To that end, Confucius-Exchange will not be responsible for verifying the veracity of the information provided by the student which is, by submission of the student, provided in good faith.

In the event of a dispute, the liability of any type of Confucius-Exchange will be limited to the amount paid by the student to Confucius-Exchange for the services supplied by Confucius-Exchange.

15. Applicable law

Confucius-Exchange will refund the total administrative fee paid by the student in the event that :

- The student returns to his or her country of origin within 30 days after his or her arrival in the destination country where the exchange program operates

- The stuend gets no internship placement within 3 months after completing his or her Chinese courses and the creation of his or her professional network

16. Applicable law

All disputes that may arise from this contract will be submitted to the courts of France, in accordance with the law in France.